Footprint Trust issue guidance for energy during Coronavirus

By IW Galleries Mar 17, 2020

The Island’s Footprint Trust has issued some helpful guidance on energy supply during the current coronavirus pandemic.

The Trust’s General Manager, Ray Harrington-Vail said; “It is important that we look out for vulnerable people in our community, and take precautions not to introduce infection, for this reason, we are ceasing home energy visits at this time.”

“There are a number of ways people can help vulnerable people and we are focusing on pre-payment energy meters. These meters have to be ‘topped-up’ using a card or ‘key’ at a local shop or supermarket. Clearly, some people may not be able to do this. Many of the meters are in boxes outside of the home, and can be accessed without having direct contact with a vulnerable person.”

Prepayment Meters

If you have a prepayment meter that doesn’t have the ability to be topped up remotely, there are steps we advise you to take should you feel unwell or need to self-isolate.

To make sure your energy supply isn’t affected:

  • Consider topping up your meter with more than your normal amount.
  • Talk to friends, family and neighbours who live close to you as they might be able to top up your key or card for you
  • If your meter is outside of your home, consider leaving your meter box unlocked if it’s safe to do so, so that a friend, family member or neighbour can access it and top up for you
  • Ask your energy company for a Smart Prepayment meter, you can then top up your meters credit via the energy company’s app, or online
  • Consider paying for your energy directly from your bank account, you may also get a cheaper deal
  • Priority Service Register

The Trust urges anyone who is over 60 years old or has a medical condition to register on the free Priority Service Register, with their energy and water companies.

This can be done online  or by phone 0800 294 3259 or Text 0800 316 5457.  For more guidance contact the Footprint Trust on 01983 822282 or Information and useful tips will be put on their website and their Facebook page.