Christmas ride of joy

By Chris Cornford Jan 4, 2021

An 80-strong group of bikers joined in the Christmas Toy Ride to deliver presents to the St Mary’s Hospital Children’s Ward. The event has taken place since 2006 and all manner of bikers – including bikes, trikes, scooters and even grannies on their mopeds – take part.

Organiser Buster Spicer, whose bike had two inflatable reindeer which were attached to the handlebars of his Suzuki, explained: “Just before Christmas, we gather with our machines and riders are asked to dress their machines and also dress themselves as Santa or such like.

“We wrap up presents for the children, the nurses and the doctors and we ride a route, usually incorporating Newport town centre to St Mary’s Children’s Ward. Everyone who is shopping usually waves and cheers as we ride past. This year was a little different with Covid restrictions.

“But I approached St Mary’s Children’s Ward to see if it was still viable. The sister-in-charge advised me to lead the bikes to the rear of the ward as there was more room around there to cope with the restrictions.

“A total of 80 bikes attended, and we stacked the presents on an elevating bed that was wheeled out for us – we filled that bed up.
“It’s a great ride, great bikes for an even greater cause. Next year, the bikers have asked me to organise an illuminated ride which I plan to do before the toy run itself.”