Cassidy sends a heartfelt thank you!

By Carole Dennett Feb 20, 2024

Generous Islanders have certainly brought a smile to the face of 19-year-old Cassidy Ley, who has been told by doctors that she has six months to a year to live.

Cassidy has been very unwell from birth, with multiple painful and debilitating conditions including a heart disease that affects its ability to pump blood around the body and a rare genetic skin condition leaving her in constant pain. She now has end-stage heart failure and is receiving palliative care.

Despite all the challenges she faces Cassidy keeps a smile on her face and inspires her family and friends with her bravery and her care and concern for those around her.

Her cousin, Jodie Lacie, launched a fundraiser to help Cassidy enjoy the final stage of her life, which was shared by the IW Observer on Sunday afternoon which is now approaching £15,000. She said: “Everybody has been so generous that we have been moved to tears.

“I’d like to thank the readers of the IW Observer along with every single person who has donated, offered help or even just supported us with kind words at this difficult time – you are all utterly amazing. When the IW Observer highlighted our fundraising campaign over the weekend things really took off and donations are still coming in. I thought asking for £2,500 was ambitious but we’ve raised nearly four times that in just a few days.

“Now Cassidy will be able to make the most of whatever time she has left thanks to our wonderful Island community.

“Despite all she is facing Cassidy is still positive and caring about others. Her smile lights up the room – nobody could deserve your support more, and her family and friends, as well as Cassidy herself are truly grateful.”

Cassidy loves the theatre and dining out and is determined to have as much fun as she can with her loved ones in the time she has left. She has recorded a video thanking everyone for their support, which means the world to her.

If you would like to make a donation for Cassidy please click here. If you are able to offer any experience, voucher, or tickets that would help Cassidy enjoy her final months email and we will pass on the details.