Brave Cassidy inspires those around her

The friends and family of a selfless Ventnor teenager are raising funds so that she can enjoy the final stage of her life.

Cassidy Ley, who is 19, suffers from a number of painful terminal medical conditions, including a heart disease that affects its ability to pump blood around the body and a rare genetic skin condition leaving her in constant pain. She has suffered from complex health issues from birth, yet is always caring and helpful to those around her, even volunteering at a local children’s centre.

Recently diagnosed with end-stage heart failure, doctors say that Cassidy has only six months to a year left to live and she is receiving palliative care.

Her friend, Liz Morris, describes Cassidy as “An utterly awesome young lady, such an inspiration and despite having to come to terms with the sad fact that she only has a limited time left she is so positive and thoughtful about her friends and family.

“It really makes you stop, think, and realise how lucky we are.”

Her cousin, Jodie Lacie, who launched the fundraising drive said: “Cassidy is the most selfless young lady and never ceases to amaze me with her smile, strength and resilience to all that she has had to endure since birth. Her family and friends really want her to enjoy the time she has left and to create lifelong memories together.

“Cassidy loves trips to the theatre, dining out and having as much fun as she can. She would love to travel but it’s not possible without very expensive insurance and assistance.

“As her condition deteriorates she will also need help towards medical equipment allowing her to remain at home for as long as possible so she can have visitors throughout. Any help would go towards funding a new made-to-measure wheelchair and a special medical bed.

“I would love for Cassidy to be able to just do some really lovely fun things with her family and for her not to worry about anything she may need over the coming months.

“I know she also would like to leave a legacy to other young adults that are terminally ill on the Isle of Wight as there are limited resources available.”

If you would like to make a donation for Cassidy click here. If you are able to offer any experience, voucher, or tickets that would help Cassidy enjoy her final months email and we will pass on the details.