Cabinet Connection- Cllr Karl Love – Cabinet member for adult social care, public health

By IW May 29, 2022

The war in Ukraine reaches out, penetrating UK boarders, significantly increasing our living costs and creating battles of a very different sort as we try to combat rising inflation.

Our administration has been talking about poverty and how it affects Islanders. We have been looking at what we can do to resist the impacts of poverty. We can put in place support and community initiatives to try to address these but, ultimately, it’s the causes of poverty which need to be tackled. Poverty has always existed; however this crisis will see it affect thousands more of us.

Poverty rarely has a single cause. A range of factors including low pay, rising costs and inadequate social benefits mean some people do not have enough resources to live to a reasonable standard, putting their health and well-being at risk.

The best pathway out of poverty is having a well-paid job, with increases in the minimum wage, addressing pay gender equality, and holding inflation down all playing a part.

The new windfall tax will help alleviate some pressures if the funding is focused where it is most needed. For me that is holding down energy costs for homes, manufacturing, and food production/supply. This prevents and slows immediate inflationary pressures. Wages must also rise to minimise the impacts.

Benefits for those most affected must be increased, but that brings additional pressures, which local councils find hard to combat when we are already trying hard to juggle significantly declining government grants.

We need to act as individuals and collectively to slow the impacts of this crisis. We must boost and maximise incomes and reduce costs. Government must lead in strengthening our grassroots, increasing grants for local government and promoting long-term economic growth.

We are all trying to think of ways of economising and better insulating our homes. The Footprint Trust is one organisation which can advise on energy saving solutions. Call them on 822282 or email: