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A LOOK BACK IN TIME: Put clocks forward…

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This week we have three snippets from the Isle of Wight Observer of 2nd April 1921 which we hope you will enjoy.



Clocks and watches should be put forward an hour to-night (Saturday), for it is summer time, according to law. “Oh lor” many will ejaculate the next morning.



Strangers and visitors frequently ask the meaning of “Vectis.”
According to Sir Frederick W. Black, in “A Prologue to a history of the Isle of Wight,” (just received), it of Roman origin. The word Vectis meant a “bar or bolt,” vectus and vecta signified “carried or transported,” so the name my therefore have had reference to physical appearance or some ferry or crossing.
It is much disputed whether the Isle of Wight or St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall is entitled to an earlier name by Ictis, given by the Phoenicians to an island in the English Channel to which tin was conveyed for export.
Ictis has also been identified with the Greek word “icthus,” a fish, on the suggestion that earlier voyagers found our island in shave very like a whale, or else that they carried away very delightful recollections of the flavour of the mackerel and crabs and lobsters for which it has always been famous.



Quite a large company went by charabanc and motor car from Ryde to Hatherfield on the occasion of the I.W. Hunt Point to Point races. It was a revival that met with much favour and popularity and the Clerk of the Weather was in his best mood.
“Alf Mack” was there and met quite a crowd of friends and college chums.
Some of the backers appeared to have got a good straight tip or two beforehand and Jolliffes “mounts” were considered the “good things” of the day.
“Alf” was very busy paying out on Mrs Willis Fleming’s fine chaser, which was a firm favourite and romped home in good style.
There is to be a Hunt Ball in honour of the occasion at the Town Hall.