A LOOK BACK IN TIME: Education funding issues

By IW Observer.co.uk Feb 24, 2022

The Isle of Wight Observer of 20th February, 1869 shows that education funding issues and the school options available were on the minds of Islanders as much then as they are today.

WESLEYAN SUNDAY SCHOOL.- The anniversary tea meeting in connection with this institution was held at the school, Town-lane, on Monday evening last, and in the evening there was a public meeting in the same place, which was prettily decorated with evergreens, flowers, flags, and banners. The Rev. C. Wills presided, and delivered an interesting opening address, in the course of which he earnestly besought the friends to exert themselves to free that building of the £100 debt with which it was still encumbered. He also referred to the importance of having a day school in connection with the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Newport. He was not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but he believed if they lived 10 years they would see a Roman Catholic day-school in Newport, and he put it to the friends of Wesleyan Methodism in this town whether they would permit the ground to be thus occupied before them? He alluded to the insufficient accommodation afforded by their present premises, and expressed a believe that if a more commodious place was provided, the number of scholars would be increased to 300 within a year.

Mr Deacon, the treasurer, read the financial statement for the past year, from which it appeared that though the school commenced the year in debt, they ended it with a balance in hand.