A landslide in Totland yesterday closes the promenade

By Press Release Feb 23, 2024

Walkers have been warned to avoid an area of promenade near Totland following a large cliff fall.

The landslide happened yesterday evening (Thursday) leaving tonnes of rock and soil strewn across the sea wall and beach, just north of Totland pier.

The pathway has been closed and the Isle of Wight Council is advising people to observe the barriers and signage and to stay away from the debris which is not safe.

A further section of the promenade between the Waterfront pub and Widdick Chine has also been closed off following the discovery of voids beneath the path.

Natasha Dix, the council’s service director for environment, said: “Following our recent inspections, we believe it is not safe for people to be walking on this section of the wall until we have a clear idea of the extent of the damage.

“We would like to continue to remind the community that we are still in a very wet and stormy period in which there will be rockfalls, cliff falls and increased landslide risk.

“We would advise the community to stay alert to these risks when at the coast and staying away from potentially dangerous parts of the coastline.”