Well-travelled eagle returns to the Island

By Chris Cornford Feb 15, 2021

One of the white-tailed eagles which were originally released on the Island in the summer of 2019 has returned ‘home’ after a 17-month journey.

The eagles were released as part of a five-year joint partnership between the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Forestry England. Roy confirmed: “We have some exciting news. The 2019 male white-tailed eagle, G393, returned home to the Island on Monday after exactly 17 months away.

“We have produced a map of his travels, during which the satellite tag has logged 71,036 GPS points and he has flown a total of 4,904 km.
“This has given us an incredible insight into his explorations, and how he has learnt to live successfully in the English landscape.”
His trip involved visits to Sheffield, Burnley and the Yorkshire Moors.

It is hoped that an initial population of six to eight breeding pairs will remain on the Island and the south coast.