Watch: Floating Bridge makes ‘dreadful’ noise in early hours of morning

A video has surfaced showing the Floating Bridge making a “dreadful” sound.

A video taken from East Cowes at 12.15am appears to show the Floating Bridge making loud noises during its operation.

The video was shot from Seymour Courts on August 19 by a resident of one of the cottages.

The video was posted to Facebook group, Floaty McFloat Farce with the following caption: “When many families are trying to sleep the dreadful sound of the floating bridge is keeping many awake.”

Cameron Palin who posted the video on behalf of the resident who was affected by the noise said: “I’ve been told by a professional engineer that this noise is not normal and it sounds to him that the chains are riding out of the drive segments. Which will be a very expensive repair. And to be clear Floating Bridge 5 never made these noises.”

A spokesman for Isle of Wight Council said: “We apologise and regret any current noise issues with the Floating Bridge. The noise has occurred since the chain tension has reduced as a way of trying to temporarily increase the chain clearance whilst Wight Shipyard are working on the permanent solution to address this issue at the earliest opportunity.”