Explore The Isle of Wight’s Historic Great Outdoors with Wightlink

Boasting a stunning outdoor landscape and rich history, the Isle of Wight is a perfect getaway. With so much to see and do, and easily reached with Wightlink, there’s never been a better time to unearth the UK’s most treasured hidden gem.

Isle of Wight – Credit Wikipedia

Dinosaur Island

Forget the Jurassic Coast; the Isle of Wight was named the UK’s Dinosaur Capital by Dr Paul Barrett of the Natural History Museum. As the centre of ground-breaking prehistoric discoveries, those who journey to its coasts will find they remain a hub for fossils. There are giant dino footprints scattered around the Island’s shores and plenty of opportunities to discover and take home your very own piece of history. For those keen for the best hunting spots, tours are available with local experts – the Island’s resident palaeontologists are always eager to share their wisdom. Plus, with brilliant family-friendly destinations including the excellent Dinosaur Isle prehistoric museum and ‘Restricted Area 5’ at Blackgang Chine, visitors will never be short of Jurassic experiences on the Isle of Wight.

Ancient Burial Grounds

The island also features remarkable ancient burial grounds left behind from centuries before. During the Stone and Bronze Ages, islanders constructed incredible tombs still viewable by curious travellers today. The former left behind the Longstone: a legendary pillar cast down by St Catherine herself as she fought the Devil for control of the Isle. The feat of creating such tombs is an unbelievable display of strength and early engineering.

Shanklin Chine

This historic mountain ridge has been open to adventurous visitors since 1817 making it the oldest of all the island’s attractions. Winding pathways lead guests around this remarkable landmark, past its idyllic streams and waterfall, and guarantees spectacular photo opportunities throughout. Previously attracting the likes of Jane Austin and J.M.W Turner, the chine remains an untouched icon. Its daytime tranquillity is outdone only by the spectacular evening lighting throughout the gorge. Late night entry during the summertime Chine Lumierè event promises travellers a trip to the exotic like nowhere else on the British Isles. This incredible natural beauty has to be seen in person.

Osborne and the Victoria’s Island Trail

For a final slice of royalty, visitors should explore the magnificent Osborne estate. Once the holiday home of Queen Victoria, the grounds now welcome guests to walk through its luxurious halls and witness the royal lifestyle first-hand. This magnificent 19th Century building was designed by Prince Albert and used regularly for the royal family’s vacations. It marks the start of the Victoria’s Island Trail which takes wanderers on a journey all across the Isle – the perfect way to experience the Isle of Wight on foot. As the heart of the trail and with an on-site restaurant and café, Osborne is the ideal stop off point to recoup before continuing the adventure.

The Isle of Wight is teeming with historical adventures and the time to visit is now. Book your trip with Wightlink to not miss any of the island’s outdoor escapades this summer.

Sailings with Wightlink are priced from just £55.50 return travelling with a car (based on a day return ticket travelling out on 12th September 2018). Alternatively, visitors can travel by foot and take the children for free* until the end of the summer holidays. For more information and to book, please visit www.wightlink.co.uk.