Video shows man arrested outside Tarvic 2 fire scene

A video has emerged of a man claiming to be part of a television film crew being arrested at the scene of a large fire. 

The video, posted publicly to Facebook on September 2 shows a man being escorted out of a police cordon zone outside the Tarvic 2 and St Moritz fire incident in Culver Parade, Sandown.

The cameraman is asked by the officer if he works for ITV News, he responds saying he is with Meridian.

The man then becomes involved in a heated discussion with a police officer who asks him to refrain from swearing.

He is then lead away and arrested, much to the enjoyment of the crowd who cheer as he accosted.

Adam Clark, ITV News Meridian news editor commented on the video and said: “This individual does not work for us. He is nothing to do with us. In fact I’ve never seen him in my life. So please can my post be shared. Many thanks.”

Hampshire Constabulary say the man was later de-arrested.

A spokesman for Hampshire Police said: “A man was arrested and subsequently de-arrested at the cordon after becoming abusive to an officer. As he was de-arrested no further action is required.”