‘The fight is not completely over’: LAC service axed by cabinet

The Isle of Wight Council cabinet voted unanimously to axe the Local Area Coordinators service on Thursday night (November 8).

The decision comes in the wake of heated debates and controversy over the fate of the service that is there to ensure those in need do not need further help from stretched adult social care services.

Around 50 members of the public attended the cabinet meeting at the Westridge Centre in Ryde with 15 people asking questions of council leader Councillor Dave Stewart.

Members of the public walked out when the decision was made to cut the service out after pleading with councillors not to.

The £400,000 a year that the service costs will now be put into drug, alcohol and sexual health services according to Cllr Clare Mosdell, cabinet member for adult social care.

Opposition Cllr Debbie Andre had previously defended the service at a scrutiny committee meeting in which the cut was hotly debated.

She said after the cabinet meeting: “The fight is not completely over.

“I believe that the effects of the withdrawal of this service will have a devastating effect on our communities and I will be doing everything possible to ensure that island residents have all of the support and care that they need to lead happy and fulfilled lives by challenging the administration where finances are clearly the driving force behind decision making at the expense of addressing residents’ needs.”

Community builders will now be put into Ryde and Freshwater where the LAC service was most used.

An expansion of the council’s Living Well scheme will replace the LAC service.