Squirrels find a home in Shanklin churchyard

By Press Release Aug 31, 2021

St Blasius Church, in Shanklin, is now home to two very special red squirrels.

A new sculpture has been unveiled in the churchyard, created from the stump of an ageing Lawson Cypress tree, by local chain-saw artist, Paul Sivell. The tree was damaged in storms earlier this year and the remains have been transformed into the natural feature, which is intended to appeal to people of all ages. Red squirrels were an obvious subject for the project, being an iconic feature of the Island’s wildlife and with the sculpture sitting adjacent to the footpath from Church Road onto the Shanklin Down. It was funded by a generous donation from a member of the St Blasius congregation. The sculpture is sited in front of the medieval church, also known as Shanklin Old Church, which was largely rebuilt in 1859.