Spooky goings on at Wroxall’s Star Inn

A video posted on the Star Inn Facebook page last week has brought three separate paranormal investigators to the popular Wroxall pub.

The video, from the pub’s closed-circuit television system, shows a glass falling to the ground from a shelf, with no visible means of propulsion.

The landlady of the Star Inn, Toni Brennan, expressed scepticism regarding any paranormal explanation for the falling object. However, she could find no rational explanation as to why the glass had fallen onto the floor.

She told IW Observer: “There was no reason for the glass to have moved. It could not have been traffic vibrations as there was no bus going past at the time. The glass was a good couple of inches from the edge. The glasses were cold and dry. We even tried kicking the shelf several times afterwards, but nothing fell off the shelf.”

One person with an entirely different explanation of events was former employee, Natalie Rye, from Ventnor.

The Star Inn, Wroxall

“When I worked there, thirteen years ago,” explained Miss Rye. “It was called the Four Seasons. If I was in the restaurant alone, I’d be convinced that my boss was pottering around, as I’d see figures moving past the alcoves and doorways until she appeared from upstairs and hadn’t been downstairs at all.

“When meals were ready to be served the chef would ring a bell — on numerous occasions we’d go rushing out the kitchen after hearing the service bell, for him to look confused because he’d never rung it, and there was no food to be taken out.“

Her account was supported by her mother, Angie Rye, who worked there for two years, between 2015 and 2017, and provided the following account:

“I always felt a presence when there. It was really eerie at times, and when I used to lock up I heard my name being called out, although all the customers had left, the doors were locked, and there was no one about except myself. The first time I heard it, it freaked me out and I couldn’t get out there quick enough. There is definitely something there.”

Two old ghouls enjoy a drink at the Star Inn

According to the landlady, the front bar is believed to be 200 hundred years old. To the best of our knowledge, the inn has not been the scene of any major tragedies, although there was a serious fire there in 1981, and the Star Inn was nearly destroyed by a falling bomb in World War II.

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