Slug & lettuce Newport bar collapses

The ceiling above the bar collapsed at a town centre bar in Newport.

The Slug & Lettuce’s bar area fell into disrepair during Sunday afternoon (August 12).

At around 2pm, bottles and glasses fell from the racking above the bar as it detached from its wooden studs. Insulation and wiring was visible on the morning of Monday (August 13) when staff and workmen were dismantling the wreckage.

Management declined to comment at this time and instructed IW Observer to speak their head office.

The bar on Monday morning (August 13) – photo by Joe Burn

Caroline Adkins witnessed the incident, she said: “We were in the Slug and Lettuce in Newport yesterday afternoon at about 2pm when the poor barmaid (a lovely lady, so nice, excellent customer service) had the misfortune of being behind the bar when the entire ceiling, attached shelves, bottles, glasses and all came down. Despite clearly being shocked, she went into action-mode, making sure that all patrons were safe and unhurt and began contacting her managers.

“She was incredible. Issued refunds and apologies to all made sure they all exited calmly and quickly and safely. I made her sit down for a second because she was clearly shaken. Incredible young lady. Definite management material – and I hope they recognise that!”

Mrs Adkins wished the barmaid well and wanted to thank her for her excellent response to the unexpected incident. She went on to say it could have been much worse had anyone been ordering but only around a dozen customers were in the restaurant.

She added: “[There are] definitely questions to be asked about the whole refurb with this happening – there are a lot of things hanging in that place – decorative trellis, suspended false ceiling to hold recessed lighting etc. I would want a full inspection, definitely.”

The store was refurbished less than a year ago.

The Newport branch of the Slug & Lettuce posted to Facebook after the incident: “Unfortunately we have had a structural issue at site and have been forced to close. We will know more tomorrow in regards to how long we will be closed for. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

Slug & Lettuce head office have been approached for comment.