Reduction in insects has drastic effect

Insects although tiny are numerous, and their impact is huge. The Wildlife Trust commissioned a report by Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology at Sussex University. on insect declines and why they matter.

It highlighted the effect of broken eco systems and carnivorous birds, bats and fishes.

Professor Goulson said: “Insects make up the bulk of known species on earth and perform vital roles such as pollination, seed dispersal and nutrient cycling. We know that the main causes of decline include habitat loss and fragmentation, and the overuse of pesticides.”

Debbie Tann, Chief Executive of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, said: “The quiet insect apocalypse exposed in this report should set alarms ringing. We have put at risk some of the fundamental building blocks of life. But, as the report highlights, the causes of insect declines are known and we can address them; insects and other invertebrates can recover quickly if we stop poisoning them and restore the habitats they need to thrive. We all need to take action now in our gardens, parks, farms, and places of work.”