Red Funnel change the way they drive in low visibility after running aground

Red Funnel have changed their procedures for operating in reduced visibility, such as fog, after their ship ran aground. 

The Red Falcon is now back in service with the ferry operator reporting no damage to the craft after its 7am incident on Sunday (October 21).

A Red Funnel spokesman said it be would inappropriate for the cross-Solent operator to comment on the changes made to how they drive the boat during reduced visibility as there is a current investigation into Sunday’s incident.

The Red Falcon struck several small yachts but no one was injured.

Red Funnel runs aground – photo by Cowes RNLI

Fran Collins, Red Funnel CEO said: “Our Southampton-East Cowes service is operating as scheduled today following the yesterday’s incident involving Red Falcon.

“An underwater survey and detailed inspection found that there was no damage to the ship which is back in service and operating normally.

“Red Funnel has a proactive safety management culture and a detailed internal investigation into this incident has been initiated to identify the root cause. Whilst the investigation is underway, the navigational team involved in the incident will not be rostered on board which is in accordance with best practice.

“As normal, the investigation will also consider any other similar incidents that have occurred, both internally and industry-wide, and will seek to identify any common factors. Prior to completion of the report, however, and as a precautionary measure, some amendments to our bridge operating procedures in reduced visibility have been made although these changes are not expected to impact on the reliability of the service or the frequency of weather-related cancellations.”