Primary schools participate in NHS birthday card competition

As part of the NHS 70th birthday celebrations, the Careers and Volunteers service at Isle of Wight Trust invited pupils at Isle of Wight primary schools to participate in a competition to design a NHS 70th birthday card.

The competition sparked plenty of interest with over 300 entries from across the island.

Pupils were encouraged to design a card that characterised the various professions within the NHS and the rest was left entirely to the children’s imagination. As a result each entry was original with displays of bright colours and plenty of creativity. Although difficult to judge, the winners of the competition each received a £10 book voucher.

Bembridge Primary school winners; Sophie Groves, Willow Halstead, Jude Wallis and Olivia Joubert.

Alongside the competition the Careers and Volunteers service for the Trust visited primary schools to educate pupils on the various career opportunities within the NHS and to share with them the vital role it serves our community.

Cathy Armstrong, the Trust’s Careers and Volunteer’s Coordinator said “The NHS plays a huge part in our community and it’s been great to see engagement from our younger generation. I thank the teaching staff and the parents that supported the children to participate in this celebration! We were delighted to receive over 300 cards, each of which was unique and wonderful in its own way.”

Each of the cards has been made into a poster and will shortly be on display in the Full Circle Restaurant at St Mary’s Hospital and in some local primary schools, GP surgeries and supermarkets.