“We’re lovin’ it” Police serve section 35 notice on McDonald’s yobs

Following an incident last night in which a car windscreen was cracked, police have issued a section 35 order to disperse the crowds of youths who gather outside McDonald’s restaurant in the centre of Newport.

Thre police vans and a police car parked outside the restaurant at around 4.30 pm, to deal with a crowd of around thirty youngsters who were outside the restaurant.

The youths were initially abusive towards the officers at the scene and refused to move on when asked.

One girl, thought to be from Cowes, is believed to have been detained after refusing to cooperate with officers.

Update: A number of police officers have been pro-actively policing the centre of Newport this evening (January 7) as part of Operation Varney, which has been ongoing since May 2018, in a bid to reduce anti-social activity in the town.

Two youths were detained in Sea Street, at the junction with Holyrood Street, after a dispersal notice had been issued, at around 5 pm.

A further dispersal notice was issued at Newport Bus Station at just before 6 pm.

Shortly before 7 pm, a youth was led away in handcuffs after attempting to grab a police officer’s body camera.

The actions have been praised by members of the public, who have had enough of anti-social behaviour in the town.

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