Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

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Youths attack car with rock with baby inside in Newport town centre

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A mother has spoken of her distress and upset after her car had been hit by a rock thrown from the rooftop of Starbuck’s in Newport this evening (Sunday, January 6).

The badly-shaken mother-of-one said that the incident had taken place close to McDonald’s in the centre of Newport.

The large rock that was thrown cracked the windscreen of her uncle’s car, in which her two-year-old had been travelling.

Despite narrowly escaping injury, the woman tended to her child whilst her uncle, the driver, went to confront a group of youths who had been filming the incident on their mobile phones and clearly regarded the incident as “hilarious”.

The mother has called for the parents of the out-of-control teenagers to take stock and deal with the kind of behaviour that is blighting the enjoyment of many who visit the area in the evening.

Officers from Hampshire Constabulary have been seen to spend most of the weekend policing the area. The response from a small group of “untouchables” has been to bad-mouth the police, whose hands have been tied by rules and regulations.

Many local residents and customers of McDonald’s have called on the police to put a section 35 order in place due to the number of anti-social incidents happening outside the restaurant. Others have called on McDonald’s to disconnect the wi-fi, as this is one of the reasons for the crowds gathering outside.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary have been approached for comment regarding the incident this evening.