Owner claims teenagers may have broken dog’s ribs

A family have been left ‘heartbroken’, fearing their dog may have broken her ribs after allegedly being kicked by an unruly group of teenagers.

The unhappy event occurred at Nine Acres Playing Field, Newport, at around 4.30 pm, on Thursday (January 17), where the dog was being taken for a walk by the owner’s young children.

A five-year-old rottweiler staffie cross, Nala, was left badly-bruised as a result of being kicked.

Owner, Stacey Clynes, 30, said: “To the group of teenagers with two dogs that felt the need to kick my dog, thank you very much. She now needs veterinary treatment.

“My girl would never do anything at all.

“For you to scream at my eldest daughter to ‘put your f***ing dog on a lead’ while you have two off their leads.

“All my girl was trying to do was play with yours, yet you felt the need to kick her with such force in the ribs they now suspect she has broken ones.

“My poor daughters are heartbroken and are absolutely terrified now, so I hope you’re happy.”

Well-wishers have advised Stacey to report this disturbing incident to the police.