Brexit fears force cancellation of police leave

The IW Observer has learnt that internal communications concerning Brexit were sent to officers and staff of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary on Monday (January 14).

The communications were a joint message from the force, UNISON and Hampshire Police Federation to cancel police leave in the month following Brexit, from March 29 to April 30, because of fears of potential civil unrest. Already granted leave remains, but no new leave will be granted.

The possibility of introducing twelve-hour shifts for the force has also been considered, but has yet to be implemented. The situation is currently being reviewed on a fortnightly basis.

According to a report by civil servants, in a worst case scenario, the port of Dover would collapse on day one, planes would need to be chartered to fly medicines into the UK, and petrol would be in short supply. It has been suggested that supermarket shelves might be bare within two weeks, as 80% of our food supplies come into the UK from Europe via Dover.