Online video-conference for Hovertravel users

Hovertravel is keeping in touch with users of its critical community service by holding its user group meeting online.

Hovertravel’s current passengers are key workers such as medical professionals, emergency service personnel and teachers of key workers, as well as patients travelling for medical treatment.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, explains: “Our Hovertravel User Group has been an invaluable source of feedback since we introduced it over ten years ago. At times like these, passenger engagement is just as crucial so we invited representatives of our current users to come together for a Zoom call.“

Attended by Loretta, managing director Neil Chapman and duty manager Terri Frost, the meeting also included seven other participants representing NHS workers, fire services, cancer patients, teachers and people who are concerned about accessibility. The wide-ranging agenda covered the current critical community service, COVID precautions, the plans to keep customers safe as lockdown eases, Hovertravel’s Island Rescue initiative, the functionality of Hovertravel’s app and other aspects of the operation.

Minutes of the Hovertravel User group (HUG) meetings are published on Hovertravel’s website.