New lights for busy Sandown junction

Major work to upgrade the traffic lights and pedestrian facilities outside The Heights in Sandown began this week, to install new traffic lights that are better able to detect and manage traffic movement. The upgraded lights will also offer enhanced pedestrian crossing safety features similar to those used at ‘Puffin crossing’ sites.

The project will mark the end of an Island-wide signal upgrade programme that has seen new lights and crossing facilities installed at 16 sites this year. It will mean that since 2013 when the Highway Improvement Partnership began, 72 sets of signals will have been upgraded. The three remaining sites, all in Newport, will be improved as part of the IW Council’s ongoing Newport Junction Improvement project.

The work at Sandown is scheduled to take three weeks during which temporary traffic arrangements including four-way temporary traffic lights will be in use.

Keith Gourlay, Island Roads construction manager, said: “This work will complete a comprehensive upgrade of traffic light replacement and enhancement across the Island.

“These upgraded sites all feature the latest technology which is better able to respond to traffic and pedestrian movement. They are designed to keep traffic flowing as effectively as possible and also, and very importantly, to improve pedestrian safety.”

During the work, there will be temporary traffic arrangements in place which include a right turn prohibition for motorists travelling south along Broadway into The Heights Car Park.

Motorists should follow local diversion signs and access The Heights via Beachfield Road.

Keith said: “Islanders have been extremely helpful throughout our work and, once again, we would like to thank them in advance for their understanding and co-operation during this scheme. We would ask anyone using The Heights and Sandown Medical Centre to follow the diversion signs and not to turn right into the Height’s Car Park as this manoeuvre will cause additional delays to traffic and is likely to cause frustration to all road users.”