Many people at St Mary’s Emergency Department ‘do not need to be there’

“Many people attending the Emergency Department do not need to be there,” says the NHS. 

The Emergency Department at St. Mary’s Hospital is seeing more people than ever before at this time of the year with over 185 people attending the department on Monday (August 6), according to the hospital.

The hospital say the reason for people attending has varied from those requiring urgent emergency medical attention to a high number of people requiring advice and minor treatment which could be much better dealt with by a GP or local pharmacy.

Nikki Turner, director of acute services, said: “The sheer volume of people coming into the Emergency Department is over and above what we have experienced before at this time of the year.

St Mary’s – Stock image

“We are seeing some very poorly people that require hospital admission, a number with respiratory conditions, some heat related, but we are also seeing a very high number of people that could be treated by a GP or pharmacist or seek advice by calling 111.

“This level of attendance is putting considerable pressure on the Emergency Department and this is having an impact across all frontline services. Our plea is for members of the public to consider whether they really need emergency care or can 111, a GP or local Pharmacy help them.”

Following an upsurge in visitors to the Island requiring healthcare the NHS on the Island has written to hotels, B&Bs, campsites and tourist destinations with posters for display setting out the advice and options for visitors to receive healthcare. Use the links below to download them for your business. 

Poster 1 – Ice Cream (1)

Poster 2 – Deck Chairs

Poster 3 – Footpath

Poster 4 – View