East Cowes mural commissioner hopes it will ‘start a trend’

The commissioners of a mural painted in East Cowes hope it will “start a trend”.

Bob Stendley, 67, and wife Judy Brachi are semi-retired building surveyors, they commissioned the mural of the lighthouse in Link Road for a three-figure sum from local artist Daev Walsh.

The painting on the side of the couple’s house was finished on Friday (August 3) and Mr Stendley says he’s seen at least 30 people having their picture taken against it already.

Mr Stendley wanted to do something to brighten up the area as it was feeling “a bit drab” – now he hopes the idea catches on and the heritage of East Cowes can be celebrated through publicly accessible works of art.

East Cowes lighthouse mural – Courtesy of Cllr Karl Love

He said: “Well I’ve always thought about doing it for ages and ages. It’s a bit drab around here. We just thought, well let’s make it nicer.”

Mr Stendley met Mr Walsh through a mutual friend. The artist quickly sketched an idea and the building surveyor was sold, there and then.

Mr Stendley continued: “We get something like half a million people pass through here every year, it should be a bit nicer.

“We’ve got such a heritage in East Cowes, I mean you had the flying boat, the hovercraft…

“Hopefully it will start a trend. When I’ve got some more pennies maybe I’ll have something else.”

The job took about a week and needed an elevated stage to be completed.

East Cowes lighthouse mural – Courtesy of Cllr Karl Love

Kevin Daniells, Owner of Isleofwight.com said: “Having lived in many towns and villages, I love the vibe of East Cowes and it really feels as if the town is going places.

“I stood outside the Taste of India looking at the menu and I could see someone looking and taking pictures of the side of a property, so to be nosy I strolled along to see what he was looking at.

“The side of the building has a fantastic mural on it of a lighthouse and really stands out – in a good way. I have seen lots of murals in my time, but the simplicity and impact of this one is outstanding. A big well done to the artist.”