Lyn’s heartbroken family walking for Mountbatten

By Chris Cornford May 17, 2021

A group of around 40 people will be walking the 10 miles along the coast from Niton to Sandown in honour of a Lake woman who is gravely ill.

Family and friends are raising money for McMillan following the charity’s support for Lyn Porter, 60. Lyn’s daughter, Jenny May, explained: “We’re doing this for Mountbatten and the way the hospice has looked after mum.
“She was diagnosed in February with a rare blood cancer which was inoperable. She had radiotherapy and chemotherapy and was given two years to live. But a few days ago, she had stroke-like symptoms and the diagnosis is now weeks, not months.
“To say we are all heartbroken would be an understatement. My dad Andrew, is her main carer. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. I’m proud of how much she’s been fighting and how resilient she’s been.

“The idea of the walk was mum’s sisters, Tina Buggins, Sandra Dodd and Sue Dodd.
“Mum was deputy at St Wilfred’s Primary School, Ventnor, before it merged with St Margaret’s.
“She was with them for 20 years and generations of people know her. Initially, it was going to be just a few family and friends but we think there will be around 40.
Lyn has four children, Jenny May and sons Charlie, Steven and Mat along with four grandchildren, Hannah, Sean, Lizzy and Sophia with another grandchild due today (Friday), her 60th birthday. Jenny May added: “Mum is so family oriented and loved so dearly by us all.
“We hoped to raise £1,000 but our GoFundMe page went mental and we now have nearly £3,000. Afterwards, at around 3.30pm, there will be a cake sale with cakes made by family and friends at Mountbatten, so people who couldn’t do the walk can meet up there.”

To donate to Lyn’s fundraiser go to
There also two collection tins at Tesco Express, Ventnor, where Jenny May works.