LOOK BACK IN TIME: 23 February 1901

The thoughts about the unnecessary felling of trees from this reader of the Isle of Wight Observer published on 23rd February, 1901, will still ring true with many people. His views on the powers of local councils (parish and others) may also find some favour with today’s readers!

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer.

Sir, – As an old inhabitant, I feel considerable regret at unnecessary interference with the diminishing rural attractions of Ryde and its environs. As the population grows and houses increase, it is perhaps inevitable that the pretty country lanes should pass away, and the trees be cut down, but it seems a pity that this should be done unless it is absolutely necessary. Consider the beauty of a well grown tree; how long it takes for it to attain to goodly size and perfection; and how restful the green of its foliage is to the eye. A house or a wall may be run up in a few weeks, but several decades must pass ere the tree becomes established and an ornament to the landscape. It is therefore wanton mischief to destroy unnecessarily the trees, and rob the town and its environs of the foliage which is the envy of visitors from less favourited localities. The trees in the Cemetery Road at Binstead were the redeeming feature of the locality. I trust that the Parish Council will spare trees in the future – else lovers of nature will curse the day when they were established, and given the powers that they thus abuse.

Yours faithfully,