Kebab house could have licence revoked

A kebab house could have its licence revoked following a spate of violent incidents, including allegations of staff attacking customers.

Police have asked the Isle of Wight Council to review the premises’ licence for the Kebab House, Ryde, raising concerns about public safety, crime and disorder. A meeting of the licensing sub-committee was due to take place today (Sept 27).

Police have provided details about several violent incidents at the High Street takeaway since late 2016, including staff being violent towards customers, shown on CCTV inside and outside the premises.

Concerns have also been raised that the takeaway has stayed open later than it should have.

Police have said the licence holder, Seyit Cal, had ignored officers’ advice.

The sub-committee will now consider whether the licensing objectives are being upheld. It has options to take no action, alter the licence, suspend the licence for three months or revoke it.