Isle Be Active exercise tracker launched

A fun activity tracker has been launched to encourage youngsters to stay healthy and active during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Isle Be Active tracker is a simple chart that young people can use to record how much they’ve walked or cycled as part of their daily exercise allowance.

It can be downloaded here.

Alec Broome, the council’s sports development officer, said: “This is to encourage children to not only continue with exercise during these unprecedented times, but to also take part in a fun challenge, with a potential prize at the end.

“The tracker can be printed out at home, but if this isn’t possible, we are welcoming children to draw their own.

“We hope parents will find the tracker useful in encouraging their children to stay active while we are in lockdown. It’s based on walking and cycling but youngsters can also use roller boots and scooters as well.

“Exercise is part of your daily allowance, but remember, stay two metres apart.”

Taking daily exercise can be important for both physical and mental health but there are a few points to remember before you go out.

  • Do not meet with anybody from outside your household.
  • Do not gather in public areas especially play parks, skate parks, and other social spaces.
  • If you do encounter other people while outside you should stay at lease two metres apart.
  • Always wash your hands as soon as you return home.

Once you’ve completed your chart, send us a picture showing how well you did to be entered into one of three prize draws. Keep an eye on the council’s Facebook page for more information on what you could win.

Email your chart to

For further information on social distancing while on your daily exercise, please visit