Is this your mobility scooter found in a stream behind Sandown Bowls Club?

A mobility scooter has been found in the stream behind Sandown Bowls Club, Sandham Gardens on Monday (November 26).

One resident posted on Facebook: “I was down there yesterday, and saw a couple of blokes (think they were blokes) all in dark clothing heading into the bushes at the side if the boating lake.

“I was with my grandson and dog, so was keeping an eye out as the dog barks!

“Saw them come out and was surprised to see one on a mobility scooter, as I thought they walked into the bushes. They were heading towards the stream at the back of the bowls club.

“Thought it was a bit strange, but now seems they were up to no good.”

Hampshire Constabulary and the Isle of Wight Council have been contacted to establish if the item was reported stolen or if this has been flagged for removal.

The mobility scooter in the stream, photo by Shauna Morey from Facebook