‘Incensed by it’: Fly tipping discovered in Brook Down Freshwater

Building waste has been dumped at the entrance to Brook Down in Freshwater. 

The path which is popular with horse riders and dog walkers has been blighted by fly-tipping which may contain asbestos.

Amey Environmental Services are aware of the incident and are dealing with it but warn walkers and riders not to interfere with the waste as it may be hazardous.

Jackie Woodford of Cranmore came across the disgusting sight while walking her dogs on Tuesday (September 25).

She said: “The thing is, it’s right across the path so getting around it with the dogs was tricky and I wouldn’t want to walk a horse over it. Impossible for a car to get up to the little car park by the gate. I was incensed by it.”

A vile sight – credit: Jackie Woodford