Hovertravel user group celebrating eight years of success

The Hovertravel Users Group (HUG) is celebrating eight years of success by broadening the panel of customers involved and publishing its terms of reference.

Hovertravel’s Head of Ground Operations, Julie Horrocks explains: “We started the HUG back in 2010 and it has since been copied by other transport operators as well as being a highly useful way for Hovertravel to structure feedback from its customers. This feedback has been used to improve communication and enhance the service Hovertravel provides.

The HUG also allows Hovertravel to disseminate complex information by informing the HUG members who then in turn cascade the communication throughout the customer base.”

With several new members representing school children, parents, local councils and the less abled, Hovertravel is looking to add additional members to the HUG to ensure more types of customer are represented. The HUG would welcome commuters from the mainland and the more occasional leisure user.

Over the past eight years, the HUG has raised issues which Hovertravel has then improved including: better information on service status messages, the handling of groups, priority boarding during festival season and timetable changes to ensure better onward connections.

Julie adds: “We do ask people to apply so we can ensure a balanced and constructive discussion. The time commitment is very small – just two hours in the evening four times per year. To provide transparency, Hovertravel publishes the minutes on its community board in the terminals and will also be putting the minutes on its website.”

If you would like to apply to join the HUG please contact julie.horrocks@hovertravel.com