Hovertravel Pilot shortlisted for Travel Pride Champion

Leading travel trade publication Travel Trade Gazette announced that Hovertravel pilot Nick Wood is on their shortlist of LGBT Travel Pride Champions for 2019.

A total of 15 individuals have been shortlisted for the accolades for their work in championing diversity and travel.

Nick Wood flew a hovercraft, emblazoned with rainbow flags and carrying VIP guests, to the first ever UK Pride on the Beach. Landing on Ryde Sands on the Isle of Wight, just metres from the Pride Festival, Nick completed this tricky manoeuvre whilst wearing a two-piece rainbow suit and cowboy hat.

Flying a 45-tonne cross between a helicopter and boat at up to 50 knots through one of the world’s busiest shipping channels to land precisely at the Pride event demonstrates Nick’s commitment to his job.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, adds: “Nick is a great ambassador for Hovertravel’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The photos and publicity from 2017 and 2018 profiled Hovertravel’s involvement in Pride and the LGBT community. Even more significantly the image of rainbow suited Nick standing on the deck of a hovercraft has become a symbol both internally and externally for the inclusivity of Hovertravel.”

From creating diversity and inclusion training modules for agents to helping establish gender-neutral toilets, TTG has said that the judges were both inspired and impressed by the incredible work of individuals throughout travel. The winning Travel Pride Champions will be named at this year’s Travel Pride on 9 July at the Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch.