Honda torn apart in Carisbrooke but police won’t attend the scene

An Islander’s car has been ruthlessly vandalised after thieves tore off his bonnet and smashed a window in a Carisbrooke car park – but police wouldn’t attend the scene.

Dave Cooley, 31, has lived on the Island his whole life and was saddened to have become the victim of this callous crime.

On Friday evening (November 23), he parked his car in a Carisbrooke High Street car park only to return to it the next morning to start his shift at work and discover that someone had smashed the window, stolen the bonnet, the nearside wing, and the nearside wing mirror.

Mr Cooley’s car had its window smashed, wing mirror stolen, bonnet ripped off and nearside wing taken too

Mr Cooley, a delivery driver, said: “This was upsetting enough but even more so is that police wouldn’t even attend the scene.

“What protection is there for law abiding citizens on the Island?

Damage to Mr Cooley’s window

“Due to there being no police investigation my insurance company has notified me that there will never be anybody to blame for the crime and there for I am at fault, loosing my many years of a ‘no claims bonus’ in the process.

“So not only is this no longer the safe island that I was raised on, but what hope is there for victims of crimes such as this on the Island?”

Mr Cooley has now lost his six years of no claims bonuses and feels the crime will end up costing him a fortune in the long run.

He hopes publicity might help to flush out the responsible culprit, that way his insurance would cover it.

Mr Cooley fears the Island isn’t the safe place he grew up on anymore.

Hampshire Constabulary have been contacted for comment.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting crime reference number 44180440198.