Honda car parts flood in from community after Carisbrooke theft

After an Island resident’s car was ransacked for parts in a Carisbrooke car park, offers of replacement parts have been flooding in from the Island community.

Dave Cooley, 31, was saddened to become the victim of crime on an island he thought safe when his car had its bonnet, wing and wing mirror stolen on November 23.

He was even more upset when police refused to attend the incident, and his insurance refused to pay out – leaving him without his no claims bonus.

But thanks to social media and local press coverage, the delivery driver should have his car back on the road in no time.

Mr Cooley’s car had its window smashed, wing mirror stolen, bonnet ripped off and nearside wing taken too

Mr Cooley said: “Thanks to some very kind people on the Island I have been offered some parts to replace the ones that were stolen, and assistance in getting hold of parts.

“I would like to publicly say a massive thank you to all those that have been in touch offering their help and assistance. People have been amazingly supportive, from offers of cars, replacement parts and advice, who’d have thought social media was good for something!

Mr Cooley fears the Island isn’t the safe place he grew up on anymore

“As far as I’m concerned, the hunt is still on for the culprits, but for now I’m just looking forward to getting my car back together so I can take my little family out on some Christmassy adventures.”