Happy Daze are here to stay!

By Press Release Aug 19, 2021

By Toby Brown

The Island’s newest family-friendly three-day event has been forced to move venue, due to alleged bureaucracy and broken promises. However, unlike some other events, organisers have pledged not to let Islanders down, promising “the show will go on.”

Under huge pressures to cancel the event completely, Ventnor Winter Gardens came to the rescue.

Happy Daze chief, Paul O’Brien, said: “It’s sadly not going to be the event we envisaged. We got caught in a web that nearly undid us, but we never lost faith.”

“We always knew it was going to be tough to get this off the ground, but this is just the start of our new annual event, one that will always strive to be ‘made by the Isle of Wight’ and ‘for the Isle of Wight’.”

The new partnership with the Winter Gardens has given Happy Daze the opportunity to take back control of their destiny and actually make the party happen! So, what’s to be expected?

Picture Ventnor Winter Gardens

“We’re running the same musical programme as advertised, yet now, instead of a council field, we will be producing DJ sets on a balcony, overlooking the stunning Ventnor coastline, accompanied by the best of the Island’s musicians playing in the huge auditorium,” said Paul.
“We’ll have three bars, a food and craft market on the roof terrace, as well as a kiddies’ fun zone. Sadly, internet coverage in the area prevents us from bringing the gaming arena to the show this year, but next year we will be back with it and far more besides.”

As Happy Daze have had to scale down the event, ticket availability will be greatly reduced and, as such, ticket pricing will also be reduced. All tickets already purchased will be honoured and any difference in price refunded to you.

If you are unable to make the event, you will be fully refunded or allowed to sell on your ticket.

Please go to happydazefestival.org for more details, pricing, and contact information.

One man and his music

Shack Promotions came about when one man used his back garden shed as a place to chill and play good music. It became somewhere that helped Mel Sinnicks with his mental health, something that would become a theme for The Shack, as everyone involved firmly believes in the need for better mental health support.

Picture Mel Sinnicks 

In time friends started to come around and play, giving them time and space to get away from the daily stresses and providing them with a place to play music in a safe environment.
Armed with only an iPad, he started streaming the sessions to Facebook and to a wider audience. Bringing in other friends, the tech was upgraded, and Shack Promotions has grown bigger and better.
With high quality weekly streams, multi-cam views and crisp audio, all saved to a growing on-line music catalogue, Shack are now featuring several DJs at Happy Daze, and every ticket sold via their page will help them support their chosen charity: Suicide Prevention Initiative IOW.
If you want to find out more, or are a DJ or musician who wants to play at The Shack, please visit shackpromotions.uk.


Header image The Happy Daze crew – John ‘Juan’ Baptiste, Caroline Walton, Dean Nesmith and Warren Styles