First paddleboard around the Island completed for charity

Chris Mannion is the first person to circumnavigate the Island in prone position by paddleboard.

The surfer completed his fundraising mission in around 12.5 hours using only his arms.

Mr Mannion owns surf school iSurf, and is raising funds for Mountbatten Hospice in memory of his step-dad, who died in 2016. He ropes to raise £5000.

The 42-year-old set out on his journey from Gurnard at 3.23am and finished his trek by 3.46pm on Tuesday (August 28).

Chris and his family – by J.Sheath

“The support at the end was unbelievable and not expected,” said Mr Mannion. “My highlight actually turned out to be what I was dreading most beforehand, the needles in the dark. In pitch black, I paddled around the end, past the lighthouse. Words cannot describe how amazing that experience was, no wind, no noise and a completely flat sea.”

Mr Mannion’s wife, family and friends followed him from Niton onwards.

He continued: “Without them it would have been a lot more difficult.

“A good friend of mine came out to meet me at Niton and joined me from Niton to Ventnor on a paddleboard, which was good to have the company.

The surfer had earned a rest

“Then through Sandown Bay I had a few visits in boats and hot coffee from Jacey and Kial at the Sundial Cafe.

Mr Mannion would like to thank his coach, Jack Grundy, his “amazing” wife and Simon Davies for his knowledge of tides and timings as he was spot on with the prediction of finishing in 12.5 hours.

He also thanks Gary Kurth and Chris Frisby for the boat that chaperoned him to the Needles in the dark and Yellow Brick for their loan of the tracking device – as well all his friends and supporters.

You can donate to his cause here