Dimbola lodge has a new president

By Chris Cornford Oct 29, 2020

Dimbola Museum and Galleries have appointed a new President and Vice-President who have strong family connections to the celebrated Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.
The museum in Freshwater Bay was the former home of Julia and it is dedicated to her life and work.

The new President is painter, art historian and author, Julian Bell, who is Julia’s great-great-great-nephew and grandson of Vanessa Bell, Julia’s favourite niece, while Vice-President is writer and jewellery designer, Julia Cameron De Villiers, who is her great-great-great-granddaughter, by way of Julia’s son Eugene.

Julia said: “I am extremely thrilled and honoured to be the new Vice-President of Dimbola. Julia Margaret Cameron has always inspired me both personally and creatively.
“Her life and work have been a huge source of fascination to me since I was a child and I am immensely proud of my heritage. I am excited to forge deeper ties with Dimbola. It is a truly magical place that captures Julia’s remarkable essence and presence magnificently.”

A spokesman for Dimbola said: “This association is especially exciting for us because of their strong family connections to Julia Margaret Cameron. We very much look forward to building stronger links with both of them.”