David spots a sign of the times in Adgestone Road

Keen photographer and IW Observer reader David Drury snapped this picture of a plethora of road signs at Lower Adgestone Road earlier this week. A total of 17 signs are shown in the picture of the junction, and he wonders whether this is an Island record.

The Brading resident said: “This is on a bad bend and there is too much information to take in quickly. As far as I can tell not all the signs are recent, some of them have been in place for some years.”

A spokesman from Island Roads said: “The permanent signs at the junction indicate the various traffic orders in place at this location. These were implemented to indicate that the road is a narrow rural lane that is unsuitable for large vehicles and likely to be used by pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

“The ‘road closed’ and ‘diversion’ signs are temporary while road improvement work is carried out. Naturally, These will be removed on completion of the project.

“Following recent changes to traffic sign regulations, and guidance provided by the Department for Transport regarding sign clutter, Island Roads has reviewed signs across the network to identify where signs may no longer be necessary.

“The Council will review the advice received from Island Roads and consider whether some of the regulatory signs at this location could be removed.”