Council taking action over Esplanade Hotel

By Press Release Sep 28, 2021

By Mal Butler

The IW Observer understands that a Section 215 Notice is to be served on the Esplanade Hotel, Sandown.

The 60-room hotel was vacant when sold at auction for £750,000 in 2019 – £250,000 more than the freehold guide price following a bidding war. It was hoped that the new owner, who has a portfolio of thousands of properties, would clear the site and bring a new lease of life to the building.

However, over the last two years, the building has been vandalised and is currently not secure.
A Section 215 Notice can be served on owners of land requiring them to take steps to tidy up the land, and sometimes buildings, when its condition adversely affects the amenity of the area. In other words, it looks untidy or has become an eyesore.

The IW Observer understands talks have taken place between IW Council and the owner to clear the site, but without success.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesman said: “The council is disappointed with the appearance of some sites within Sandown, particularly larger and prominent buildings that are currently in a very poor state of repair and harming the amenity of a popular tourist destination. Landowners of such sites should take responsibility for their appearance and how they impact on the local community.”

However, tellingly, the spokesman added: “It would be inappropriate for the council to comment on the specifics of any live enforcement case, although it can confirm that it is considering all available planning enforcement options in relation to this site.”