Council data centre works planned this weekend

Digital and online Isle of Wight Council services will be unavailable this weekend due to essential data centre works.

The work will impact all internal and external systems including council websites, networks, wi-fi and telephone services.

Critical and emergency-type services which protect the public will still operate during this time, such as WightCare and social care.

The work will take place from Friday to Monday.

John Metcalfe, Isle of Wight Council chief executive, said: “Work is planned over the weekend because the need for many council services is greatly reduced over this time and will, therefore, not be impacted.

“We do apologise for any inconvenience this causes but the work to test the data centre is critical to meeting requirements of good building management.

“All of our services have business continuity plans in place to ensure our activities can continue in the event of unexpected incidents.

“If, for example, a major power cut on the Island affected our ICT services, we have plans in place to maintain council services in this event.

“We have been able to plan for this work in good time to ensure our community remains safe and protected.”

The council’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter will still operate and be used in the event of sharing messages to the public.

However, these will not be monitored for general or emergency enquiries and should not be used to contact the council.