Concern after some Covid-19 tests change from negative to unclear!

Scores of Island people took to social media last night (Fri) after receiving an official text and email from NHS COVID-19 notification saying their recent coronavirus test was ‘UNCLEAR’.

It was sent to many Islanders who had been tested at the Medina College Test Centre in recent days.

But alarmingly, several who had been informed their test was ‘NEGATIVE‘ have now been told it is ‘UNSURE’ and they should take another test, and to self isolate if they have any symptoms.

The texts spread alarm among some people, who claimed that after their ‘negative’ result, they had been in a care home, with the elderly and vulnerable.

The IW Observer tried to contact Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely last night about the text, but so far there had been no response.

We will try to keep any concerned people fully updated once we receive an explanation why this misunderstanding has occurred, which has left numerous people anxious and mystified.

This text came to someone who was informed on April 28 they had tested negative following a visit to the Medina Test Centre. Now their test result is unsure!

Pictured: The text message sent out last night with the name and age details have been blanked out.