Collection of art works welcomes visitors to the Full Circle

A new collection of art works welcomes visitors, patients and staff to the Full Circle Restaurant on the first floor of St Mary’s Hospital.

The works on display have been installed by local Music Promoter, Steve Double to create a space for creative reflection in a busy hospital environment.

Many of The Artists who have been included in this latest exhibition are part of our local burgeoning Music and Arts Scene and have exhibited in other Island galleries. Tim Fawcett, Stephen Butterfield, Holly Maslen, Tony Trowbridge and Amanda Blake.

Steve Double who works for the I.W.N.H.S in the Estates department also set up FOLK hospital, the popular lunchtime acoustic concerts which have featured performers from Ventnor Fringe Festival and Newport Jazz Festival.

Many events staged have supported The N.H.S Birthday, Black History Month and The Phillipines independence day.