Career break leads to life-coaching role

A West Wight man is helping people to find and reach their goals in their lives in his role as a ‘Life Coach’.

Colin Potter, from Totland, decided to take a career break in 2016 to look after his elderly mother. He explained: “I have a background in care work and counselling and had moved into a senior role working in public engagement for the Care Quality Commission in London.

“I could have kept on that gravy train and moved upwards but, instead, I decided to take a short break to help look after my mother back in Exeter. This life change was so amazing I decided to train as a life coach myself.

“I successfully trained and initially worked with friends before shifting to paid coaching.”

Colin also works part-time with the ambulance service, alongside paramedics. He moved to the Island in 2018 after marrying childhood friend, Rev Leisa Potter, who is priest-in-charge of Yarmouth, Freshwater, Freshwater Bay and Christ Church, Totland. He added: “Since I moved to the Island my coaching has shifted up a gear. My clients want their lives to change and I help them to work towards their goals.

“But what is crucial is that they take accountability and help themselves. I help them to find out from what will truly help them. They find what works for them, and often they change their mindset. Life Coaching can be the key to help you do this: ‘You will be empowered and released to find your own freedom’.

“I’m establishing a life-coaching network with a range of coaches who can help a wide range of people.

Colin has also trained as a lay worship leader and helps with services with the team at Christ Church. He can be contacted via”