Liam’s music blog , Coach Party are back with angsty new track

By Chris Cornford Mar 1, 2021

Isle of Wight rising stars Coach Party have released their first new track of the year with their angsty new anthem ‘Everybody Hates Me.’

The release of the track was accompanied by the announcement of their anticipated second EP titled ‘After Party’, set to be released on April 20 through Chess Club Records, and the video from the track.

Keeping up the theme of the previous songs released so far from the EP, ‘Everybody Hates Me’ continues the theme of self-depreciation while remaining light-hearted and injected full of pop melodies and growling guitar riffs.
Sounding straight out of an iconic teen chick flick movie (think Mean Girls or Clueless) ‘Everybody Hates Me’ is jam packed full of catchy riffs, melodies and teenage angst which makes it a perfect indie sing-along hit.

The indie dance-floor filler sits perfectly in Coach Party’s catalogue of bittersweet indie pop anthems. With live music having a faint future ahead, it’s promising that it won’t be too long until Coach Party can break out their new tracks to a packed-out tent at a festival.

‘Everybody Hates Me’ is out now everywhere. Follow Coach Party under @wearecoachparty.