Womble made of discarded plastics

Eco-based sculptor, Glenn Martin, has recently created a sculpture called the ‘Womble’, made from plastics found on Binnel Bay between St Lawrence and Niton, and Watershoot Bay, west of St Catherine’s, near Niton.

The ‘Womble’ is a demo piece of a bigger project that Glenn is working on and it will soon be going to the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in Sandown, where people can view it whilst visiting the sanctuary.

Glenn is currently working on constructing a large-scale sculpture made from ghost rigging and plastics found on local beaches; it will be built at the Wildheart Sanctuary with information about the project. Once finished it will be available for carnival season.

Glenn said: “I decided to run this project as a social experiment, just as much as an environmental and creative one. I wanted to see what I can achieve with the good will of others. I approached the Sandown Carnival Group at the end of last year with the idea and I also contacted the Wildheart Trust as I needed a host venue.

“I am about to move the base frame to the sanctuary. My Womble will be also going there, along with some information about the project. I have nearly finished the base frame ready for fabrication at the sanctuary; the Sandown Carnival Group will be helping me.

“If all goes well I hope to make it an annual event at different host venues, working with beach cleaning groups, individuals and also school projects.

“I have an affiliation with nature so I am very protective over it. I see what we are doing to the natural world as a species. It is heartbreaking to see and, if I can help others be more resourceful and considerate to our planet, then it will be a life’s work for me.”

For more information about the project, visit Glenn’s Facebook page, Ghost of the Sea.