Welcome to the world, little joey

By IW Observer.co.uk Mar 28, 2022

Visitor attraction, Tapnell Farm, near Yarmouth, have welcomed a new resident, a joey Bennett’s Wallaby, the first born at the farm for four years.

The gender of the four-month-old is not yet known, as it will not leave the pouch until it reaches nine to 10 months of age. For now, it is just popping its head out to peek at the world. Until now, the little joey was all tucked up in mum, Hermione’s pouch, attached to a teat which acts as an umbilical cord.

Head keeper, Lucy Cousins, said: “The keepers and I are super excited and this has brought us a lot of joy after a trying year or two; it’s lovely to have something more positive to focus on. Being animal keepers, we become very attached to our animals as if they are family. We cannot wait to find out the gender and give little joey a special name this summer – or maybe you could help us?!” A competition to name the little joey will be posted on Facebook nearer the summer.

Hermione’s dad, Deuce, proud grandad to little joey, is one of the wallabies rehomed by Tapnell Farm Park when Seaview Wildlife Park closed. There are eight adult wallabies at Tapnell Farm Park, plus the new little joey, and another in Coco the wallaby’s pouch. Hermione was born at the park and Darwin, little joey’s dad, joined the mob in April 2021 from the Peak District.

Find out more at tapnellfarm.com.