Waste collection crew praised for assisting resident following fall

Two refuse collectors have been praised for rescuing a woman who had fallen at home.

Amey workers Alex Wright and Kieran Hartnell were on their waste collection round in Freshwater when they heard her desperate cries for help.

After investigating they found the resident lying on the floor unable to get up. She said she had been there for several hours.

Kieran said: “We did what anyone else would of done in this situation.

“I’m glad we were there to help the resident as in such times who knows when someone else may have been along to assist her as she was unable to seek help herself.

“We would do the same for anyone and are just happy we were able to do our bit for the community, but most importantly that the lady is doing very well.”

Alex said: “We collect from the area every week and do often notice things that may be out of place.

“On the day we saw a dog stood at the bottom of some steps barking a lot and thought something wasn’t right. When we got to the steps, we could hear someone shouting for help.

“We discovered the cries were coming from a house with the door open, so we ensured our hands were sanitised and asked if she was happy we came inside to help her.

“We helped lift her from the ground and into a chair, and she explained she had fallen and had been there for several hours.”

The resident was so grateful for their assistance that she contacted their bosses to praise their actions. She said she didn’t know what she would have done without them.

Cllr Steve Hastings, Cabinet member for recycling and waste, said: “Without the intervention of Kieran and Alex, the situation could have been a lot worse, and we are very proud of their actions.

“The council’s waste and recycling service visit every property across the Isle of Wight every week, and on occasion come across situations where they go above and beyond their normal work.”

Paul Southall, the account director for Amey on the Island, added: “We run a staff rewards scheme within Amey and will ensure both Kieran and Alex are recognised for their actions in helping a member of the local community in these unprecedented times.”